Looking Down Memory Lane and How to be a Success! You Want to Read this one!

Hi Everyone,


Have you ever scrolled down X-Art.com and seen how many thousands of updates we have. I was there for 90% of them. So to me every scene is like a special memory; the models like sisters and brothers (except for a few of the girls (since that would be incest) I hope Brigham is not reading this. Anyway, it is All purely wanted by all involved and we are grown-ups, so when the work-day is over the adults will play! Unless it’s a 15 hour work day and we have a week of shooting ahead of us. Then we just crash wherever we can and load up on caffeine to get the week finished. I don’t have enough time to thank our unbeleiveably loyal crew, models and post production. Brigham and I are involved in all aspects so I think that makes a company stick like glue!

1) Here are a few of my favorites, I have only about 500 more!  I want to share these with you, next will be my favorite BTS clips and photos <3

x-art_elena_bedtime_hijinks_2x-art_caprice_angelica_the_red_fox_keira_fuck_me_four_ways_2x-art_tyler_alex_grey_california_surf_fever_2x-art_susie_angelica_just_the_three_of_us_2x-art_susie_angelica_insanely_gorgeous-01-ltnx-art_mila_k_girl_in_a_room-01-ltnx-art_pam_stefanie_come_together_part_ii_2x-art_charlotte_catie_the_best_blondes-01-ltnx-art_connie_play_me-01-ltnx-art_alex_grey_angel_dust_2x-art-459-39-medcolette_dot_com-1345-14-medIMG_0027.JPGx-art_tiffany_brandon_tiffanys_tight_ass-04-medPic 511138552_10152841761965784_6547829974932715956_nx-art_caprice_carrie_jake_2_by_2-08-medx-art-1298-17-medx-art-1306-24-medIMG_1132.JPGx-art_leila_yoga_in_the_sky-03-mednude-yoga-bts11138552_10152841761965784_6547829974932715956_nx-art-301-05-med

2) I was a model, turned programmer in India, turned real estate, turned into owning the largest privately held erotic paysite in the world. And everyone always asks how can you do it. I’ll tell you simply. You work 20 hours/day when everyone else works 6. You pay your good people double what they should earn and praise their efforts, so they are right there with you. The work is hard, but you stay a family and family businesses really care. I just asked our customer service manager to add me to the email so I can make sure everyone is happy. As Brig and I have been timing each other 24 hours day for 10 days to finish the new surprise site we have for you. Each time the timer goes off, we switch or rest and then do our normal work in the day.

Next we will be heading to the Caribbean and Prague and Austria with Caprice and friends. By the way, they are just starting out but if you can afford it and you are a super-fan of Caprice please join her website they work so hard and I want to help them. We will also do a “Swingers collaboration” with Caprice and Marcello. But right now you can join X-Art.com and get Colette.com too and also if you have the funds support our 8 year friend and model LittleCaprice-Dreams.com it is a real look inside thier lives as swingers. We are hoping to collaborate and do a real live world swingers tour with this amazing couple and go easy on them they are just starting out, but they give you the best they can! But don’t forget you get everything with X-Art, I’ll talk to Caprice about a package for all three :-) we will just add on  the Caprice site if you want once it’s fully ready. But this is what we want you to keep coming to for X-Art.com, Colette.com and two more MIND-BLOWING sites! you can use Paypal, check, credit card, giro pay and all the Euro and German payments. And it is completely, 100% refundable if you are not happy for any reason. And who knows maybe you meet your dream girl on one of our sites…

Anyone who follows my instagram reads one of my favorite quotes every day:“Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.” ~ Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) seriously you might get lucky and win the lottery… but do you know your chances of that (umm like none). And if you put the time, work smarter not harder: then you are basically guaranteed success.

It’s 4:47 am PST and I have to catch some Zzzz’s but as many of you probably don’t know I’m going to be on a reality show (write to E tell them you want me, that’s my first pick). So I have decided to update my blogs and twitters and sbapchats and instagram and facebook (suspended for 25 more days) etc etc (wow that’s a lot). But here you will find out the truth, vs, TV. Cum inside for what is real:  xoxo All my Love, Colette


PS I was too tired to proofread this, so I’ll do it tomorrow :-)

Ask Colette: Why Does Risk Turn Us On?

by @colettexart

Many people feel a sense of unease when confronted with risk.

It can be scary!

Whether you’re working up the courage to skydive, jump a horse, drive a fast car on the racetrack, ski or even just change your hairstyle – all desire involves an element of risk.

Risks come in all shapes and sizes — and the good news is that a small step can be just as beneficial as a big leap. If you’re flirting with the idea of trying something new, here are five reasons you should.

1. You’ll become more resilient

Risk promotes resilience, which is the ability to bounce back from the challenges life throws you. According to Michael Ungar, co-director of the Resilience Research Centre at Dalhousie University in Halifax and author of Too Safe for Their Own Good: How Risk and Responsibility Help Teens Thrive (McClelland & Stewart), taking a gamble on new experiences gives you “the risk-taker advantage.”

“Exposure to manageable amounts of risk is like immunization against future stress,” he says. Even if the outcome isn’t positive —for example, if you fall on your first attempt at downhill skiing, you’ll learn what to do differently next time. And once you’ve taken that first tumble, you’ll be less stressed when you try again.


2. Feeling Bored? Risk taking is exciting.

Whether it’s driving a really fast car, asking out a person you have the hots for, or moving to a new city, all of these activities will help scrape the rust off of a stagnant life. You’d be amazed how quickly things can turn around if you just let yourself fall into the unknown. It’s a beautiful thing if you think about it — what’s the point of living life if you know exactly what’s coming every single day, week, month, or year? 

Life is about variety. It can be hard to break out of our patterns sometimes, but doing it will make things so much more fun and rewarding. When you do break free, that’s when real life begins.

3. If you want an extraordinary life, you MUST take some risks.

As I started my career as an erotic film maker from a programmer and a real estate salesperson, I was soon hit like a bolt of lightning that with the housing market going down (it’s recovering now thank goodness,) and by the realization that if I did not start doing something different, something out of the ordinary, something that most people wouldn’t perceive as normal, then I would just be leading an average life.

Here’s the thing: if you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’re living a life with very little risk. But if you want to create something great, be someone great, achieve spiritual greatness, financial greatness, parenting greatness, or marital greatness, whatever it is — you will not find it by doing what everyone else is doing. Because not everyone is achieving great results.

4. Risks bring about change.

Obviously, becoming great in an area of your life is going to involve change, which is usually a scary prospect. It’s unsettling to admit that you don’t know everything about everything, and be open to being wrong.

Here is where you need to flip the script in your mind.

Change is scary. But it’s also an opportunity for so many great things! Think about it. Every great thing that’s happened to you happened because something changed. I’m not saying all change is good. But I am saying that nothing great happens without change.

5. More Risks = Fewer Regrets.

There was a recent article in The Guardian titled “Top Five Regrets of the Dying.” A nurse who has spent a good deal of time working with dying patients recorded the reasons. Here is the #1 regret she recorded: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”
Wow. Read that second part again: “not the life others expected of me.” That statement identifies the biggest hurdle to overcome when taking risks and doing things 
differently — denying what others expect of you.

The nurse went on to say, “Most people had not honored even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made.”
 Decisions they had not made. Risks they did not take. Change they were unwilling to face.
 You will never know whether you could have done something if you don’t take a risk. Don’t live a life of regrets.

My precious members, you – have made our risk a reality.

And of course risk #1 is experiencing a deeper, wilder side to our human sexuality. So here I go with a pitch (heehee, again I know). Colette.com/join and X-Art.com/join (you can add Colette on for a crazy good deal) and let me know what other risks you want us to take.

All of us at Colette.com – Colette, Brigham, Franzi, Jenna, Aubrey, Caprice, Lisa, Jenna, and so many more – are here to make your lives more exciting, So jump on the “crazy train.”

All Aboard! What risks have you taken in your life? Let everyone know of your proud accomplishments by leaving a comment. I’d love to hear how YOU are taking risks in your life!

I’d like to thank Andy Andrews and others on the internet and my husband Brigham for allowing me to share this concept ☺

XOXO Colette

Please add your comments below…

Once Is Never Enough…and some stories you want to hear!

Ok, to begin this post if you haven’t joined X-Art and haven’t seen beta.x-art.com yet you are missing out (use your x-art login and you will be treated to model selfies, sort, search, favorites, messages to your favorite models and much more!) Or when you login to X-Art you can just click on the photo of Franzi and I in the bottom corner and you will be taken there. It is lightening fast and I love it!!!So definitely do that first and come back here to read or you can join at the end ;-)
I get asked a lot of questions and this is a popular one which I am often am asked is:  “Colette.comX-Art.com almost always treat us with a photo shoot and a companion video.  What is the story behind that?”
Well, the answer is one part our Erotic Revolution, one part subscriber demand and — you guessed it — one part the irresistible temptation to fuck another gorgeous human being.   Let me explain:It all started with one world-class photographerAnyone remember gODDESS?   Go check the nude shoots with Nella starting in November 2007.
The “young photographer” is my husband, Brigham Field.    We have come a looooong way from those days.
Flying to Prague on a red eye and taking a cab to rent the gear and carrying up the apartment/location steps ourselves. Then fumbling with the lights, trying to figure out how to shoot in the fading Eastern European light as I was doing the make-hair and wardrobe.  From Day One, Brig had a remarkable talent for attracting beautiful women who really wanted to get naked in his studio (I guess I should know personally).  The art and the sexuality are there — even though that first published shoot seems so modest by X-Art standards now, we even removed some fashion nude shoots of girls I thought would not be comfortable being on a site that featured sex too (hmm maybe an archive site should cum???).   Along the way, he started incorporating photo shoots by his stunning, gorgeous, blonde lover as well.  (That would be me.  Hee.  Hee.)  The point here:  X-Art and Colette.com always have been and remain a forum for beautiful erotic photography. And now Franzi makes three as our third behind the camera producer! So hot girls and and lots of love and light and then….Along came sizzling sound and video.
A historian pal of mine reminds me that the first “talkie” — a motion picture with sound — was The Jazz Singer (1927) with the legendary Broadway star, Al Jolson.  Audiences heard him say, “Wait a minute!   You ain’t heard nothin’ yet” and then burst into song.   And I still remember Brig and I holding our equipment (seriously not sure what to do or what the guy meant when he said “so where do I finish”…and then we were like oh yeah the “cum-shot” we’re not doing that today; only the girl has an orgasm) …all this being communicated in broken Czech and English (none of the four of us fluent in the other’s language so we even drew out pictures for positions LOL). I will never forget that first impromptu X-Art movie in April 2009 after the beautiful Chloe and Carl asked if they could make love while we shot! Long story short we got home and had our own orgasms that night. (Well didn’t actually get home, just slept on the set).
By then, subscribers were going crazy every time we did a photo shoot with a certain stunningly gorgeous, petite blonde with an insatiable sexual appetite.   (That would be Franziska!)   So, of course, we tried our next video with a 5D” that featured a delicious, HD lesbian shoot with Georgia and Franzi in September 2009.  Subscribers started signing up from all over the world and asked for both photos and videos from that day onward.  And we have never looked back!  Creating Colette.com just took us to a more hardcore level for those who love that as well.  (Which means almost everybody!) And Franzi (below) and I cropped-cropped-11138552_10152841761965784_6547829974932715956_n.jpgx-art-301-05-medare the masterminds behind the Colette site. You would think it would be the guy, but no it is our hot, blonde naughty group behind Colette.com and we have Brigham to keep us tame… Check out Riley in this update!colette_riley_reid_isiah_tee_jack_a_girl_can_dream_1-lrgFucking fabulous.OK.   I know what you are thinking, everyone always asks this too..  Why are matching photo shoots and videos similar but not identical?  The short answer is that they usually are shot separately for artistic reasons.  That is not all of the story, however.   May I share a delicious secret with you?   When gorgeous models are fucking themselves — or engaging in passionate sex with a partner or two — or thoroughly enjoying a group scene on the set — it is almost impossible to say, “Stop!”    After all, Colette Girls are proud of their bodies and their sexual skills — and they love (not to be vulgar) but they love to fuck! …Often the licking, sucking and especially the cumming continues long after the shoot is “officially” over.  Can you blame them?   And we keep clicking away…..

After all, we love to watch. Don’t you?

Will you join me?   Just subscribe to X-Art and Colette.com today!




What Does It Take to be a Colette.com Girl?

This is a question that I am asked all the time.   And, not surprisingly, the inquiries always come from very attractive young women who love to cum!   Almost all fashion models are bisexual as well as gorgeous, and choosing the models who are just right for our Erotic Revolution is a close call.  If I told you how many hot female models that we do not shoot, you wouldn’t believe me!   But, dear subscribers, you deserve only the very best.

So here is the criteria that Franzi and I have laid out (pun intended):

A Colette Girl has to be exceptionally beautiful.

Notice I said “exceptionally.”   Think of Franziska and then think of this quote from Giorgia Armani: “To create something exceptional your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” ~ #GiorgioArmani


(now retired from erotic modeling), Mila K, Angelica, Ivy, Aubrey, Caprice, Jenna, Lisa, The Red Fox, and so many others.   What is the one quality they all have in common?   They are exceptional — their looks, their bodies and their personalities.


A Colette Girl has to love sex and herself.

Fucking obvious, huh?   Not really.  Some unfortunate models make the mistake of doing porn regardless of the crew; or the care and support they receive from a company’s ownership; or the money that is put into making them look sizzling hot in any sexual position.   Wam.  Bam.  Thank you ma’am!  Think of the cheap porn sites where a young woman seemingly has “elephant legs” as she takes a dick in her pussy — or a huge butt when she has a cock in her ass.   That is because the camera angles are all wrong.  Everything is distorted.  The lighting sucks.   And she probably is faking it.  You don’t see that here.   A Colette Girl knows that the shot will be just right — and that she will look as good as she feels.  For beautiful models who value their beauty and their sexuality, this is a real turn-on!


A Colette Girl has to bring something new to our site.

American, Czech, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Latina, Chinese, and Japanese.  White and Black.   Tall and slender.  Petite and adorable.   Franzi constantly is testing naked young women and men (someone has to do it!)  for the model who possesses her own unique qualities.   Maybe it is her personality — she laughs when receiving a cum facial.  She has multiple orgasms in group sex scenes and wants more.  She smiles with delight when an exceptionally large cock penetrates her wet, tight pussy.

A Colette Girl has to be eager to explore her sexual boundaries.


Let’s be real here.   Not everyone can fuck in front of a camera crew — and we have the best and most respectful people on our team.   A lot of guys cannot get it up for a photo shoot.  Some beautiful women find it hard to have an orgasm when the lens is close up.   We always are gentle and put the model’s wishes first.  On the other hand, some gorgeous girls start cumming the minute they get naked and touch their pussies on the set.  Others just love to suck a cock (or two) or take a dick inside them (or two) while we watch.   The audience — including you, dear subscribers — just turns them on like crazy.   It is the ultimate fantasy for these women as well as for you.   How many Colette Girls want to continue fucking a hot partner after the scene is over?   Almost everyone — and the sex often continues at our home or elsewhere later that night!

A Colette Girl has to love how we shoot her and thrilled with the results.


Franzi, Brigham and I know how to make a beautiful woman look fabulous and sexually irresistible.  But that is not enough.   We want every Colette Girl to really have a great time.   No fake orgasms!   (Franzi and I can tell.)  One way this often happens is by trying something new.   Stunning models often have tried their first threesome with us — or their first orgy — or their first lesbian experience.    When one of our most popular models approached me and said that she and her boyfriend wanted to try anal sex for the first time, I was excited because she was so excited!  It turned out to be one of my all-time favorite shoots.   And when a beauty like Carla shyly suggested that she always wanted to experience two cocks inside her at once, we jumped to fulfill her DP wish.   The results were so hot that we all had to take a cold shower (or something) afterward.


So enjoy the world of Colette Girls!   All you have to do is join me.

colette italian hypercar supercar pink chrome
colette italian hypercar supercar pink chrome



P.S. You can come inside and join both my sites here and I promise you will be happy you did ;-)


OK, girls, let’s have some fun with our male lovers. We all know what they do when they watch beautiful women on Colette.com as our models explore their sexual fantasies.It’s called Buffing the Banana.   Jackin’ the Beanstalk.  Spankin’ the Frank.  Thumping the Pump.  Tickling the Pickle.  Shaking Hands with the Governor.  Jerking Off.  Or, if you must, masturbating.We women are much more sophisticated and delicate in how we describe getting off while watching beautiful babes and gorgeous men fuck themselves into bliss.  Buffing the Muff.  Beating the Bush.  Jill-ing Off.  Pearl Diving.  Double clicking your Mouse.  Riding the Two-Finger Cowboy.  Tickling the Twat.  Making a Hole in One.  Or — my favorite — Battery Testing.

Personally, I get sexually aroused when I watch and listen to Colette.com shoots.   So does Brigham — and, yes, there are times when my husband passes the baton (or camera) to me when it gets super hot on the set.   Franzi gets orgasmic as well — especially when we are featuring group sex, lesbian romps and anal.

colette_dot_com-1291-01-llrgSo what about you?   If you are a man, I am curious to know how long you wank yourself before you start cumming all over the place.   What scenes get to you the most?  Which models are guaranteed to make you drop your pants?   Do you jerk off in rhythm with the gorgeous women you are enjoying?And ladies — cocks or vaginas?   Do you like to finger fuck yourself, rub your clitoris, or insert a toy?   Here’s something I always have wondered — do our female subscribers fantasize that they are doing what our gorgeous models are doing as as they watch?  Hee hee.  I happily admit that I do that often.

Of course, doing yourself with a Colette girl need not be a solo performance.   Many subscribers tell me that they diddle themselves with their partner while watching our naughtiest shoots.    Mutually getting yourself off before fucking your lover is a lot of fun.   Many tell me this is their group sex fantasy.   Have you ever tried it?

colette_dot_com-1281-01-llrgOK, this is not the Kinsey Report.   I think it would be a lot of fun to hear from you anyway.   I bet that there are Colette.com viewers who start cumming with techniques that I never have thought about yet.
colette_jenna_aubrey_xander_my_submissive_little_pet_2-lrgAt least, I hope so….So tell me.   It can be our secret. But you’ll have to join me first.