How ‘Bout A Round Of Applause…?


We’ve put on quite a show…. You can see both sites if you join here:  And it is a show. There are many times it’s REAL easy/just happens (slides in, if you get my drift) and that is dripping HOT or wet or..whatever adjective you like, but many times it is hours of work for everyone on set. Speaking of work is Marriage; anyone who is: knows that. How about a round of applause for all of you who have managed to stay married and even more so if you enjoy watching together and one more round for all of our and only a few of which are married.

Tonight/today I leave you with a quick blog post. I want you to watch as many videos as you can and man or woman, tell me if the girl really has an orgasm. Guys it’s good for you. Girls it will turn you on.  I promise. The “round of applause” text courtesy of female powerhouse ~ #Rhianna (I bet she will know which ones are real. Hint, they almost always all are, but not 100% and I KNOW the truth. xoxoxo Colette (PS. Don’t forget to join, we are heading to  Europe soon to take advantage of the hot girls and low Euro) Oh P.PS. Who wants Franzi and I to do more interviews and/or show Franzi’s stunning breasts? Find us roaming Malibu and Beverly Hills or at our computers. Love, Coco

Below: Some of my favorites, don’t worry if you are not here Caprice, Franzi you guys are more than just models to me, same for many of the below. I love and appreciate you all. How’ bout a round of applause..? A standing Ovation!

See you cumming inside…(hint: on X-Art just type the title of the video or set you want to see in the search magnifying glass on far right of page and it will show up).

x-art_jake_kim_fuck_me_more_2 x-art_pam_better_with_blondes-01-ltn x-art_miu_so_cute-01-ltn x-art_veronica_rodriguez_playful_and_wet-01-ltn x-art_tiffany_brandon_good_morning_i_love_you-01-ltn x-art_alex_grey_angel_dust_2 x-art_kenna_i_know_you_love_me-01-ltn x-art_chad_alexa_an_erotic_encounter-01-ltn x-art_tyler_kacy_lane_lovers_lane-01-ltn x-art_alexis_love_alexis_love_me-01-ltn x-art_kenna_lily_ivy_sexy_and_wet-01-ltn x-art_madi_meadows_two_fingers_deep-01-ltn x-art_piper_perri_the_cabin_and_my_wood_2 x-art_kenna_naomi_woods_tickle_my_pink_2 x-art_lily_ivy_madi_meadows_horsing_around-01-ltn x-art_piper_perri_tiny_seductress-01-ltn


x-art_uma_jolie_take_me_for_a_ride-01-ltn x-art_naomi_woods_jean_val_jean_love_is_sexy-01-ltn


  1. Caban says

    I bet than most real female orgasms occur while shooting real couples. Every woman is different at this point, definitely more complicated than men are, so I doubt that first round, especially with cameras around could be enough to learn single female performer body and treat it exactly in the way she needs for reaching climax.

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